Developing well-rounded players from day one.
ReThinkSoccer’s soccer development program is a virtual, skill-based roadmap to success on the field!
The ReThinkSoccer soccer training program utilizes a positive curriculum that focuses on the four pillars of player development: Technical, Mental, Physical, and Tactical. With a host of online tools, testing, and session plans, it is the only program that has yielded measurable results.

A soccer training program with proven results.

In 2013, the ReThinkSoccer curriculum and philosophy were implemented at Kingdom Soccer Club. Focusing on positive, skill-based practices in a “Basic and Intermediate” structure, the program aimed to develop players under a Complete Player Model, which better ensures they are grasping – and employing – the fundamentals of the game.

From 2004 to 2015 this graph shows that Kingdom Soccer Club had five Michigan State Cup Semi-Finalists and NO champions.

From 2016 to 2018 Kingdom Soccer Club had ten Semi-Finalists and three State Cup Champions.

As the only online soccer training program backed by measurable, evidence-based results, ReThinkSoccer is an ideal curriculum for recreational, travel, and premier soccer players aged eight to eighteen.

Our Program

A convenient, easy-to-implement soccer development program.

When it comes to implementation, ReThinkSoccer’s soccer development program is a breeze. Designed with simplicity in mind, it can be accessed anywhere via desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Because of this, coaches can reference it while on the field, ensuring that activities and exercises are being executed properly.

Providing a roadmap and a common development theme, every part of our online program can be reached via our online web app. There’s no burdensome printing, diagramming, or memorization required, simply open a web browser, log in, and get started! To learn more about the benefits and convenience of ReThinkSoccer, watch our video or visit our program page.

Getting started is easy.

Starting your journey with ReThinkSoccer is easy! Simply select the option that applies to you below to learn about the features offered in that package.
I'm a Player
ReThinkSoccer provides a proven, comprehensive, skill-based player development program that helps you – as a player – be the best that you can be.
I'm a Coach
ReThinkSoccer offers coaches an easy-to-follow roadmap with specific, skill-based development themes that focus on the improvement of all players.
I'm a Club
As a club, you gain access to ReThinkSoccer’s virtual, skill-based development program that can be easily implemented by coaches to improve players.
If you’ve been searching for a soccer training program that appeals to players, parents, coaches, and clubs alike, ReThinkSoccer has you covered. Our positive program promotes creativity, allows for mistakes, and eliminates the fear of failure, resulting in happier – and more successful – players.

What coaches, parents, and players are saying…

"My daughter started out as a hesitant player who struggled at the individual play. She was passive when an opportunity would present itself to control the ball. When the ball would be near her, she would allow a teammate to get ball or if she had it, she would end up passing it off. By the start of her second year, she became self-confident with the ReThinkSoccer skills she learned. With the help of the ReThinkSoccer my U8 daughter has developed into one of the better travel players. Her individual skills are more advanced than most of the older players she played against in the A division of U9."

Matt B. (parent u9 girl)

"Our daughters participated in the ReThinkSoccer program this year. We’re amazed by their constant improvements in their ball handling skills. The program really encouraged them to excel and learn in a fun, challenging environment. Our girls looked forward to every practice and game. I cannot recall a single moment where they were bored or discouraged. The overall improvement in their soccer playing was astonishing! We have been overjoyed with the program curriculum. Four of our children will be participating in the ReThinkSoccer program and it continues to be something we highly recommend to anyone whose child is interested in learning more about the great game of soccer! "

Rebekah L. (parent of u8, u10, u12, u14 kids)

"My kids have been in the ReThinkSoccer program for two years now and absolutely love it! They have each grown a tremendous amount since they we first put a ball at their foot. As a parent I love the fact that my kids are having fun while continuously growing their skill towards becoming the player they want to be. "

Dave S. (parent u9 & u12 boys)

Endorsers of the ReThinkSoccer curriculum:


At younger ages, our curriculum focuses on “guided discovery” and limited coaching. Players are encouraged to “fail” in their pursuit of being creative and learning new skills. Tactics to win games become more of a focus at age thirteen.


Technical skills are emphasized at all ages in our development model. Till the age of ten, when passing is introduced, players are coached to dribble in practice and games. Later, they will be able to draw upon a wide range of technical skills.


A positive mentality is essential in all ages of the development model. At younger ages, winning is de-emphasized to ensure that the focus is on learning new skills and concepts. The winning mentality is phased in for players aged thirteen and up.


Below the age of puberty, physical training and fitness are not emphasized. Soccer is, by nature, a physically demanding game, so safety, nutrition, and basic warm-up procedures are the emphasis for players below the age of thirteen.

Questions about ReThinkSoccer’s curriculum?