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The ReThinkSoccer curriculum is a program that is simple to initiate within a club.  Novice and parent coaches find the program easy to follow along and implement.
The beginning starts with basic on field coach training along with an overview of the ReThinkSoccer online resources.  Once the first two steps are completed, each coach is given secure access to the ReThinkSoccer website where they will find the tools for success.  Coaches have access to PDF session plans that feature activities that are linked to demonstration videos of the activities.  Online Learning Management System (LMS) online make sure that the coaches understand the program with their testing being compiled by the Director of Coaching.  The concepts and structure are simple and when the coach and club stick to the program the results are amazing.  

The graphs below show how the complete player model guarantees that the ReThinkSoccer Positive Player Development Program will produce more skillful and confident soccer players with continuing online education

USA Incomplete Player
Incomplete Player graph shows the development model and type of a player being produced currently in the United States.
VSReThinkSoccer Complete Player
Complete Player "Ages and Stages" graph shows a comprehensive development model that culminates a well-rounded player.
Too EarlyAfter Skills Formed
Not EnoughAlways
Too Much Winning
(In Early Age Groups)
Always Positive
(Winning in Older Age Groups)

Too EarlyAfter Puberty
Kingdom Soccer