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ReThinkSoccer Program

The ReThinkSoccer training philosophy and curriculum can be easily communicated to customers and implemented in all soccer programs.

Items included in the ReThinkSoccer purchase:

  • ReThinkSoccer 'Ages and Stages' Curriculum
    • DOC Manual
    • Website access
    • Coach Education
    • Player Education
    • Parent Education
    • Data Reporting
    • Extensive Video Archive
    • Player Evaluations
  • Coach Education with Certified ReThinkSoccer National Instructors
    • On the Field Training
    • Online Coach Modules
    • Online webinars
    • Web access to all of our coaching tools, videos, and materials
  • Player Education with Certified ReThinkSoccer National Instructors
    • Ages and Stages Curriculum
    • Player Development Program
  • Parent Education
    • ReThinkSoccer program
    • Feedback
    • Other various tools
  • Session Plans
    • Over 100 Training sessions already planned out 
  • Videos of Activities
    • Hours of useful videos to inform a coach on how to run a ReThinkSoccer training session
  • Webinars - Special Topics
    • More education to pass on to your players and even your parents
  • Learning Management System
    • Comprehensive coaching modules to educate a coach in the ReThinkSoccer program and also about the game of soccer.
  • Annual Director of Coaches meeting in Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Community Open House for current and potential coaches, parents, and administrators
  • Coach Login
  • Parent Login

Benefits of ReThinkSoccer Program:

  • FOR PLAYERS: A comprehensive "Ages and Stages" player development program that help players be the best they can be in a complete player model age appropreate player evaluation.
  • FOR PARENTS: An understanding of the development model that their children are involved in, providing them confidence that they are investing wisely in their child's soccer future.
  • FOR COACHES: A roadmap and common development theme, focused on the progression of players at all "Ages and Stages", resulting in more confident coaches who are able to coach various age groups and have a clear understanding of their role in players development.
  • FOR CLUBS: Professional ReThinkSoccer "Ages and Stages" marketing and communications tools to explain why their club is the best option for players.

Clubs who leverage the ReThinkSoccer "Ages and Stages" curriculum will improve their ability to attract, retain, and successfully develop players, resulting in success on the field.

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