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About ReThinkSoccer

ReThinkSoccer brings a new and unique philosophy toward soccer training and player development to the United States.

We provide a holistic approach toward the game, which keeps the athletes well-being in mind while asking for maximum performance on the field. By combining soccer technical training, physical/nutritional fitness advice, mental toughness and tactical guidance via the proven methods of ReThinkSoccer. ReThinkSoccer can improve any player’s game at all levels in an innovative and age-specific way.

ReThinkSoccer is motivated and dedicated to improve the way we train, play, and think about soccer!  Stay with us and together lets enjoy the journey of “making the difference” in youth soccer.


ReThinkSoccer Advisors:

Jerry "Godfather" Yeagley

ReThinkSoccer National Coach Instructors:

Chris Keenan



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